Fireside oak laminate D2749?

Fireside oak laminate D2749?

do you start left to right or right to left cannot find it anywhere

Question from peter buscemi

The information I can find for you about D2749 is as follows: 07/67 64H C: 12/67 Argosy Salvage Shettleston

I cannot find a reference to fireside Oak laminate through this subject, however D2749 was ordered by BR specifically for the Scottish Region being delivered in sequence as sub-batches to the sheds: St. Margrets, East field, Parkhead, Dawlston, Grangemouth, Polmont and Bathgate. D2745, D2746 and D2750 strayed as far as Dundee in 1966; D2750 was in Kittybrewster in 1963; D2776 and D2778 were transferred to Grangemouth in 1966 to replace D2774 which had been sent to Eastfield; but otherwise they remained and were withdrawn pretty well where they were first allocated.

An excellent source of information, drawings and photographs, as always on shunters, is The Diesel Shunter by Colin J Marsden (OPC/Ian Allen) ISBN 0 86093 579 5 pp120-123. In there, are good photographs of D2754, D2755, D2758 and D2760. There are also photographs of D2709, D2711 & D2718 from the first batch and D2723 from the second batch which illustrate the differences in appearance between the batches.

I do hope this information is useful to you considering that D2749 could be started and driven from either left or right hand side postions.

Answer by Splinky

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